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2019SCBL Cancellation Guidelines.PNG

Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Make It?

Yes, with limitations. You can request a refund for all monies paid except for the deposit up till 90 days before the event. At that time, all monies paid are locked in and no refund will be available. The last date to request any refund will be March 31, 2019, regardless of what date you registered. After that point, we will be paying off things for the event, and will not have the money available for refunds.

Can I Transfer My Ticket To A Friend?

Yes. If you’re unable to make it to the event after you’ve registered, and would like to send someone else in your place, simply email me at with your information. We will need a copy of your payment reciept, your name, your email, and the corresponding information for the person coming in your place. There may be additional information needed, depending on final details for the event.  Any transfer updates completed after 05/15/19 may not be reflected in the event brochure. Transfers of tickets will not be accepted after 06/14/19.  

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