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Christine Edwards

Christine penned articles and columns for most of Brevard’s top magazines and newspapers, and a horror novel for readers who can’t get enough of the zombie apocalypse.

Heather Hildenbrand

Heather Hildenbrand is a bestselling romance author writing in all sub-genres except anything remotely scary. She is thrilled to be a full-time work-from-home storyteller (no more rush hour traffic!) and is passionate about teaching other authors to do the same. Through community and education, Heather inspires authors to turn their love of writing into a profitable career and a vehicle to live their dreams. Learn more at

Jessica Jones has a score of experience in sales, marketing, and formal education from Florida Institute of Technology. Jessica entered the workforce before deciding to attend college and entered into the world of sales. Learning early on the importance of marketing to the sales team, her vision focused on creating marketing campaigns the sales teams would appreciate. Jessica has worked with small startup companies and large enterprises; she entered marketing before the digital age and gained hands-on experience with digital marketing as the demand grew.


Working with companies like AT&T, Bell South, Pacific Bell, in the early 2000’s helped her gain the experience with enterprise companies which appealed to start-ups. Jessica worked with Global Marketing Group for eight years and built marketing campaigns for major companies like National Fidelity Financial, Freedom Mortgage, and Freedom Debt Relief. Jessica also secured a few contracting positions, started and sold three companies of her own, and currently manages the marketing department for one of America’s top technology producers in the financial sector.


In 2016 Jessica started her first YouTube Channel, and like any college attendee, she had a lot to say. The BlablablaJessica1 YouTube Channel is monetized, has over 1000 subscribers, and gained a following of people that are invested and interested in her ideas. Although her YouTube Channel is only updated at her leisure and not a serious investment of time, she still manages to gain the interests of her viewers and obtains new followers. Some of her videos have over 10,000 views, and most of them have over 5000 views. Jessica Jones is a genuine YouTube Contributor and can help any company or person obtain success with video content.


Jessica is the complete package because she started in sales, worked in marketing, opened and sold her own companies, and finally, became a YouTuber with a voice. Starting in sales revealed to her the separation of the marketing and sales departments and the need to bring these entities together. With 20 years of combined work and educational experience, Jessica knows marketing through and through. She can dive right into traditional forms of marketing or created digital masterpieces; she is excellent at getting the audiences’ attention and even better at making them buy.

Robbie lives in sunny Florida where he can usually be found tucked away on his back porch with a cup of coffee while working on his latest manuscript. He has enjoyed a freelance career writing for several magazines, sharing some of his interesting viewpoints on life and those around him. While he enjoys traveling with great friends and their family, most often he can be found at home grilling out and sharing a laugh with those who matter most to him.

After publishing his first book in 2013, Robbie realized he was not satisfied writing in one genre and has published books in Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Steamy Romance. Robbie is the author of the Warrior of the Way series, an Urban Fantasy that takes place along the Indian River in Florida, as well as several Contemporary Romance series, such as the Rutherford series, Fangirls, and the Harper Twins. He also has written a Paranormal Romance, Come Halloween, as well as a Christmas story, Ribbons & Bows. While currently finishing his Warrior of the Way series, Robbie has enough works-in-progress to keep him writing for the next fifteen years in all genres. 

Robin K. Johnson

A Midwestern girl, Robin is back living in Minnesota after a few years living in the beautiful Florida sun. Fortunately, she still visits often. Robin has been involved in the book industry in some capacity for as long as she can remember. First as a reader, then a blogger and reviewer and now as an award-winning book cover designer. 


Robin’s business, Robin Ludwig Design Inc., has been serving clients with design and print services nationally since 2002. She has been working with authors and book industry clients as a book cover artist and graphic designer worldwide since 2010. Robin works with authors, publishers and industry professionals creating book cover designs and marketing materials. She takes time to observe and study the book industry design trends by networking with readers, authors and bloggers online and in-person at conventions and signings. Robin has contributed her design knowledge to books for new writers, visited various writing groups and has spoken at panels for book cover design, author branding and marketing. In addition to networking at conferences Robin has worked with several conventions contributing graphic design services and printed swag. Robin loves networking online and can be found on various social sites.

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